More quilling….

A project to dress up my desk a bit…




This was the inspiration for the peacock. ¬†Another Pinterest find ūüôā



Quilling Names

This was my first attempt at making a name.  I must say that this is so much easier than forming the letters from the quilling paper.  I cut the letters out on plain paper that I layered and went to work from there.

IMG_0367 - edited

Once I finished the letters I covered the canvas in scrapbook paper.  Quilling strips cover the seems of the paper.

IMG_0382 - edited

Finishing touch – a dragonfly ūüôā

IMG_0385 - edited

Custom Quilling

This was a project I made for my sister.  She was looking for a picture that would pull in the color of a freshly painted room. I was pure coincidence that I had the perfect match in my collection of papers.  I painted the canvas with a blend of acrylic paint that I mixed to compliment the color theme.

IMG_0924 - edited

Once I finished the design it needed more.

I ran strips across the top and bottom and I think it framed the design perfectly.  I could have matted it as well but I had not left much room on the sides for much.

IMG_0927 - edited

The Phoenix


When I made the quilled sign for our niece Francesca’s room her brother asked right away for one of his own.  I struggled trying to find an idea for a boy knowing that if the theme was too young it wouldn’t be long before he outgrew it.  He was turning eight at the time and was a big fan of wrestling and WWF, or is it WWE, I really don’t know…either way that was not in my wheelhouse of ability.

My husband mentioned a Phoenix and I have to be honest I had no idea what this fictional bird was.  After the little research that I did I found the following on Wikipedia…

In Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The phoenix was subsequently adopted as a symbol in Early Christianity. While the phoenix typically dies by fire in most versions of the legend, there are less popular versions of the myth in which the mythical bird dies and simply decomposes before being born again.  According to some legends, the phoenix could live over 1400 years before rebirth.

I planned to frame the design and wanted to be sure that everything was centered so I started the design by taping waxed paper to a board again and secured the pieces with pins and glue.  This was similar to how I did the letters for Francesca.


Once the body was done I glued it to the canvas and started the wings.  In this picture the body and one wing was complete and I was lining up the second wing.

IMG_0620 - edited

Once I finished the phoenix I needed to figure how to incorporate Christian’s name.  Since the bird is said to have obtained a new life in the embers I thought it would be cool to incorporate his name in flames.  I created the outline of the letters in black and surrounded them in the flame.

IMG_0627 - edited IMG_0629 - edited

Some Quilling Projects

It was Oct of 2012, nearly two months after our wedding. I had finished the quilled sign for my sisters classroom. ¬†Hurricane Sandy hit us in Long Island. ¬†We were very fortunate as the area we lived was not hit too hard. ¬†There were plenty of downed trees and debris everywhere but nothing compares to the impact to the coastal communities. ¬†The one thing that was affected was our cable and internet, it was out for days. ¬†I don’t remember how long it was out but it actually felt like weeks…we are so spoiled and sheltered. ¬†We were about 20 minutes into the discovery that it could be days before Cablevision was able to repair the line. ¬†I picked up my quilling papers and started rolling. ¬†Erik was looking for something to do so suggested he pull a deck of cards out and play solitaire. ¬†That lasted approximately 15 minutes…it was going to be a long couple of days. ¬†Eventually he pulled out some old DVD’s and we watched some movies.

Our niece’s 10th birthday was coming and her room was being redecorated – purple all around. ¬†She is such a sweet kid – smart, talented and beautiful. ¬†I wanted to come up with something that would suit her. ¬†I had not practiced making letters yet so this was an experiment. ¬†Since I had no internet I couldn’t watch any tutorials. ¬†I decided to set up a board and tape waxed paper on it. ¬†I curved, curled and shaped the paper, glueing along the way as I wrapped it around pins and secured them to the board. ¬†Once each letter was dry I removed the pins and carefully pulled each letter from the wax paper. ¬†Once I was done with the letters I glued them to the background of her sign, ¬†I tried to create a faded¬†look with the letters uses various shades of purple. ¬†Once i was done i created a subtle design around the name and framed it for her.

IMG_0428 - Copy  2012-11-24_18-52-51_796 - Francecsa

Quilled Snowflakes – no shovel needed

I absolutely love quilling. ¬†It’s a project that I pick up for weeks at a time and get completely hooked. ¬†I just finished another round of snow flakes for my oldest sister. ¬†Now they both have some to hang in their windows. ¬†Maybe by next winter I will get the urge to make more for our window. ¬†For now the tools are put away until I get inspired again. ¬†Since we have more than enough snow right now I think its time to redirect my attention to something that will make me feel warm ūüôā

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Turn to Quilling

My husband and I married in September 2012. ¬†I loved planning the wedding and wanted to add as many personal touches that we had time for. ¬†After combing through Pinterest I found a ton of inspiration and got to work…for 18 months. ¬†Centerpieces, invitations, signs, games, a card-box, etc…our family room became wedding central.

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After returning from our honeymoon I found myself walking around in circles. ¬†I was bored. ¬†My mind during the two years prior was completely consumed with wedding, wedding wedding and more wedding. ¬†What would I do now? ¬†I looked to Pinterest once again for idea’s and inspiration. ¬†This picture started it all. ¬†What was this? ¬†After doing a bit of research I discovered quilling…

973775a9b97c66e6c6896049a1c4c791 (1)

After falling in love with this I set out to find this narrow strips of paper. ¬†I started with the colors in this picture. ¬†My collection of colors has since evolved quite a bit although I still find myself looking for a color that I don’t yet have. ¬†This was my first attempt at the craft. ¬†My sister is a teacher so I made this for her classroom.


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