Fresh Herbs on Hand

I love using fresh herbs but I can never manage to use them up while they are fresh.  Recipes generally call for a small amount.  After wasting far too much money throwing them away after they sat in the fridge for too long I decided to try to freeze them.  Originally I found a cool idea on Pinterest.  Place cupcake papers in a Tupperware container and fill each cup with diced herbs.  It was a cool idea because the herbs would stay sorted but there was only one container to dig for.  The problem I had was that too much air surrounded the contents so they would get freezer burn before long.  One day I had way too much parsley and decided to dice it and throw it in a ziplock.  I knew it would get buried in my freezer so I threw it into the plastic container that my cilantro and basil usually come in.  Its the larger plastic herb box at Stop & Shop.  It was perfect because it fit on the door perfectly and the contents were wrapped up.


I use this trick all of the time and loving having the herbs fresh and ready to go whenever I want them.  Now I buy them when they are on sale.  After I wash them and lay them out to dry I either chop or dice the herb depending on how I would use them most.  I fill a sandwich or snack size ziplock and label it with a black sharpie marker.  I put the bags into a plastic container that I buy my basil and have fresh herbs ready to go.DSCN1263


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