A Boys Racetrack

There needs to be more kids in the family.  They are all growing up too fast and I still have so many cute cake ideas I want to try!

2011-05-29_14-39-03_748 - edited

This is a 9 inch, four layer cake.  After stacking with frosting between each layer I carved the track around the perimeter with a serrated knife.  I then covered the side of the cake in grey frosting to resemble concrete.

2011-05-29_14-39-12_343 -

The track is made from chocolate butter cream frosting.  I made the frosting pretty thick so that I could mold the shape.  The lines on the track are tic-tacs.  The tunnel entrance is just a bit of black gel that I bought at Michael’s Crafts.

2011-05-29_14-39-03_748 - edited

I piped the green grass after the track to that I could make it overlap and cover any mishaps.  The finish line is made from Almond Joy candies.  I put scotch  tape on the bottom of the cars to protect them from the frosting and the frosting from them.2011-05-29_14-39-19_782 - edited


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