Turn to Quilling

My husband and I married in September 2012.  I loved planning the wedding and wanted to add as many personal touches that we had time for.  After combing through Pinterest I found a ton of inspiration and got to work…for 18 months.  Centerpieces, invitations, signs, games, a card-box, etc…our family room became wedding central.

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After returning from our honeymoon I found myself walking around in circles.  I was bored.  My mind during the two years prior was completely consumed with wedding, wedding wedding and more wedding.  What would I do now?  I looked to Pinterest once again for idea’s and inspiration.  This picture started it all.  What was this?  After doing a bit of research I discovered quilling…

973775a9b97c66e6c6896049a1c4c791 (1)

After falling in love with this I set out to find this narrow strips of paper.  I started with the colors in this picture.  My collection of colors has since evolved quite a bit although I still find myself looking for a color that I don’t yet have.  This was my first attempt at the craft.  My sister is a teacher so I made this for her classroom.


Check out some more projects by selecting the Quilling category on the right


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