The Big 40


This was for my brother-in-law’s surprise 40th.  This started as two sheet cakes baked according to recipe directions.  I traced out the 4 and 0 on plain white 8 ½ x 11 paper and cut the numbers out.  Lay the numbers over the paper and using a serrated knife carve the cake to make the number.  Frost the cake with your favorite frosting recipe.  You will see that I didn’t frost inside the numbers.  I wish I had but since the cake was cut it was very hard to frost the cut cake without causing it to break apart.  I am sure there is a trick but I was running out of time.  I bought four or five bags of M&M’s to  get enough green and blue.  I have no idea why I felt this should be only two colors but I was regretting my choice as I was sorting through the M&M’s.  It came out pretty cool but buying the M&M’s by the pound at the candy store will make life much easier.  Good news is that we made lots of M&M cookies with the left over candy!  If you are going with stripes begin with a row in the center of both cakes to start the straight line.  If you are as picky as me you can use a ruler wrapped in plastic wrap to keep your lines nice and straight.  It will be more difficult as you round the corners but overall it will be neater.


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