Princess Cake

IMG_0805I made this cake for my husband’s niece who is the sweetest little princess.  It was quite easy and a big hit.  I started with a three layer cake and made my trusty buttercream frosting.  Once the frosting was mixed well and light and fluffy I added a bit of pink food coloring and then divided it into three portions, adding more food coloring to two of the portions.

There are some great tutorials on line that I watched before trying this pattern.  I will try it again and take more photos along the way.   Feel free to google some cool frosting ideas in the meantime.  This cake is really all about the crown anyway.  To be honest I don’t remember if I made a chocolate or vanilla cake.  I promise to come back to this design soon though.

Now for the fun part…The Chocolate Crown…

It’s easier than it looks.  I started by sketching a crown on a plain sheet of paper (you could also use an image from the internet).  You can see the red outline in the picture.  Clearly I can’t color within the lines. I taped the paper to the outside of a large oatmeal canister and then taped wax paper over the white paper.  The canister helps to create the curve of the crown.  Since you need to do this while the canister is lying on its side you will want to weigh it down so it does not roll around on you.  I placed a large bag of rice inside which did the trick.


Now for the tricky part…

  • Melt your favorite chocolate either in the microwave or double boiler.  Since I had no idea how much I would need I started with half of a bag of Ghirardelli dark morsels and had plenty left over.
  • Once the chocolate has melted you will need to transfer it to a large (heavy-duty) zip-lock bag.  I placed the bag in a tall glass and draped the bag over the edges to make it easier to pour in.
  • The next step is tricky and you will need to move quickly so be sure your template is ready to trace.  You will cut the corner off of the bag.  Make a very small cut, tiny really or the chocolate will pour out.  I recommend tipping the corner up to remove some of the melted chocolate and pinching the bag just above where you will cut.  This will help you to control the chocolate.  It’s a good idea to hold the bag with a kitchen towel as it will be pretty hot.
  • Now you are ready to pipe the chocolate and trace your crown.  It took me a couple of tries to get used to the viscosity of the melted chocolate and the fact that I had little control.  Don’t stress.  If it does not come out the way you like it just wipe the chocolate back into the bag and reuse it.  Keeping the hole small will be a big help.  You want to make the outline pretty think to avoid crumbling and breaking when you remove the crown from the canister later.
  • Once you are happy with it allow it to cool completely for several hours or overnight if possible.  Next time I think I will embellish it with candy pearls or something sparkly.
  • Once cooled carefully remove the tape from the wax paper and slide the wax paper off of the canister.  Carefully holding the crown, peel the wax paper away from the chocolate form and try it on for size…just kidding.  This is when you will be glad you kept the lines pretty thick.  Top your cake and make a girls day!

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