Firetruck Cake

IMG_0142I absolutely love making cakes, especially for kids.  I have a lot of fun searching the internet for ideas and inspiration.  This was for my husband’s godson.  This kid is obsessed with fireman.  When his mom asked him what kind of cake he wanted it needed to be a fire truck.  I was more than happy to come up with something.  When I looked on line most of what I was seeing was sheet cakes decorated with fondant or buttercream frosting piped with much more expertise than I have.  Since I have no training in cake decorating and I am much more comfortable constructing a cake this one became 3D.  I really didn’t know where I was going to start so I just started baking some cake.

I started with three sheet cakes.  One of the cakes stayed whole and became the base for the truck.  I used the other two to cut, layer and carve to create the structure of the truck.  I had to keep looking at images of fire trucks on line to get the right shape.  I wish I could give measurements for this but I was totally winging it and was just glad it resembled a truck in the end so I didn’t write anything down along the way.  The truck is three separate pieces that I attached with frosting.  There is the front end, center section and back end.

As you can see I decorated the base for the truck to sit on dark grey.  Green or brown would work here as well.  Using a chocolate frosting with crushed Oreo’s or graham crackers could look like it’s parked on dirt.  For the flames I made some the yellow frosting and added a few drops of dark orange coloring that I barely mixed in to create a variegated tone.  I just filled a frosting bag and piped around the edge of the cake to dress it up a bit.  This was kind of an after-thought when I was done with the truck.  Creating bricks or stones around the edge would be pretty fun.  I had the yellow frosting after piping the name and details so I went with it.

On a cake stand I constructed the cake, frosted it and let it sit for an hour or so to allow the frosting some time to dry a bit.  Once ready I slid two spatulas under the cake and carefully transferred it to the frosted sheet cake.Iphone 016

For the details I used chewy life-savers for the lights, After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins for the wheels and store bough fondant sheets that I cut for the windows.  I made the grey and yellow frosting for the finished touches.  To make it a bit more personal I printed a picture of the birthday boy and tapped it to the front window to make it look like he was driving.

I am very picky and like many I see the imperfections in what I create that others probably would not notice.  There were little things about the way this turned out that I didn’t love.  At times I wanted to start over again but my husband would have made me sleep on the porch LOL.  All of my concerns went away when I saw the look on this little boys face.  He saw no flaws, he only say a fire truck that he loved.  I was one happy auntie.


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