Burger and Fries

This was a lot of fun.  We had a barbeque for our nephew’s birthday and decided to stick with the flavors of the day.  I have to be honest this idea is really very easy.  With the exception of the dreaded cleanup on making multiple frosting colors it’s an easy project.

Iphone 043

I made the “buns” with a yellow cupcake cut in half horizontally.  The “hamburger patty” is a brownie that I cut with a round cookie cutter after it was cooked.  I did bake the brownies in a larger pan than recommended to keep them a bit more thin.  Just be sure to adjust your cooking time of you go this route.  Lettuce, cheese and tomato?  That is just colored frosting.  I used different tips for different effects…mostly because I was not washing one to reuse it.  It ended up working well though since I was able to get a leafy effect for the “lettuce”.  A few sesame seeds on the top and you’ll have yourself a “burger”.

Iphone 044

The “fries” are simply sugar cookies sprinkled with a bit of sugar and cut into strips before baking.  I bought some red and white paper in the scrapbook section of Michael’s and created paper cups for the fries


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