This was pretty fun and I have to say pretty easy overall.

What you will need:

  • Kit-Kat bars
  • 2 Hershey chocolate bars
  • Melting chocolate
  • Crushed up graham cracker or crushed cookie
  • Yellow and chocolate frosting
  • Decorations and embellishments (optional)

This was another cake that I was not too sure where to start.  I found a cute picture of a cake on line and decided to use it as inspiration and make it my own.  I started with two cakes, chocolate and vanilla so the kids had something to choose from.


Want to give it a shot…?

Bake one of the cakes according to the recipe directions in a 9×13 pan.  This cake will be used for the body of the truck.  Once cooked and cooled measure the cake and cut sections to stack, frost in between and carve.  Since the top of a cake rises I used the slope of the rise for the hood of the truck and created height under it by putting it on top of another layer.  You will probably need to play with the height of the layers to accommodate the proportion of your truck.  Fully construct the body of the truck and frost it all over.

I baked the second cake in two loaf pans.  I actually only used one for the two wheels/tracks but depending on the shape and height of your truck you may find a use for it on the body of the truck.  For the wheels/tracks I sliced one of the cakes in half vertically and lengthwise through the cake.  Once cut I carved the tracks a bit to make them lower in the front and hopefully make them look more realistic.

I took a piece of the cut cake and laid it on its side.  I spread a layer, not too thick, of chocolate frosting on what will be the bottom of the track.  After trimming the length of the Kit-Kats so they were just about the same length as the width of the cake I carefully laid the candy bars, pressing them into the frosting to form the track.   Be careful to lay the candy so the cut side of the bar is pointing to the cut side of the cake.  This way when you attach the track it has a clean edge.

I would recommend smearing a bit of chocolate frosting on the cut side of the cake to adhere the track to the side of the truck.  Attach the track to the truck and carefully continue to add a bit of frosting around the track and place Kit-Kats around to finish off the track.  I did not wrap the entire track before attaching it to the truck because I was afraid the candy would just fall off.

For the bucket I had two chocolate Hershey bars.  I melted some chocolate to use as “glue” to build the bucket.  I carefully split one of the bars in half.  I dipped the edge of the bar in the melted chocolate and “glued” it to the bar that I left whole, creating an “L”.  While the chocolate dried I leaned them against a pan to hold it up.  Once dry I used two portions of the split bar and “glued” them to close off the bucket.  The bucket was open on two side.  Again, I was just winging it, I didn’t have any instructions.

While the bucket is drying use a spoon to spread thin layers of chocolate on wax paper to create the windows and grill.  I used the edge of a sharp knife to create straight lines on the chocolate .  Once cool I pressed the windows into the cake leaving the side that was on the wax paper out so that the window was nice and flat.

Once the bucket was ready I leaned it up against the front end of the truck and pressed it into a bit of chocolate frosting that I put down on the platter to secure it.

I crushed some graham crackers and filled the bucket and used some around the cake.


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