A Girls Shoe Collection

One of my favorites…although I think I have said that after making more than half of my cakes.  Perhaps it’s because I am an absolute shoe fanatic 🙂

IMG_0819What you will need:

  • Cupcakes, a variety of flavors if you are feeling adventurous
  • Cupcake cups – these will play a big role in the overall look of the shoe
  • Frosting colors of your choice and embellishments if you like (pearls, crystalized sugar, etc.)
  • Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies
  • Milano cookies
  • Melting chocolate
  • Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies are great to create the “heel”.  I cut down the “heel” a bit so it wasn’t too high. You have to think about the overall scale of the cupcake and height of the heel.  Once you determine that, trim the heel, cutting at an angle on one end.  The angled side will be the part that sits against the underside of the sole. Take a look at a pair of heels you own, you are trying to recreate the way real shoes are built.  I would recommend cutting all of the heels at the same angle and height if you will be displaying the cupcakes together.  I just think it will make a nicer presentation.   The cookies are pretty fragile and may break, have plenty of them to allow for room for error.  Don’t waste whatever breaks, crush it up and use it as an ice cream topping…yum!  IMG_0821
  • Dip the flat end of the Pirouette in melted chocolate to create a “heel”.  This will help give the show a bit more stability.   Let it dry completely while standing in a upright position before assembling the shoe is best.  Find something they can all lean against while sitting on wax paper.
  • Cut a small notch on the top of one side of the cupcake for the “sole” to sit into.
  • Milano cookies can be used as the “sole”.  Put a bit of frosting on the notch of the cupcake so the Milano has something to stick to.
  • Once the chocolate “heel” has dried dip the angled end of the Pirouette in melted chocolate and use that chocolate to “glue” the heel to the bottom on the Milano.
  • Carefully sit the Milano into the frosting filled notch on the cupcake while holding the heel in place.  Be sure that there is enough chocolate to really support the heel against the underside of the sole.  Let the chocolate cool completely once again.
  • While the chocolate is cooling prepare the frosting colors
  • Fill frosting bags with a variety of frosting tips if you wish to create different looks and textures.
  • Once the heel feels stable have fun with some frosting decoration!  Use a favorite shoe from you closet or shoe of your dreams for inspiration to create an irresistible collection of heels!

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